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eCell is a society of N.S.I.T

Ecell Nsit envisions a society of self-motivated individuals kernelled with constructive and intense entrepreneurial drive. Our sole aim is to have budding entrepreneurs coming through the ranks after taking on the challenges in this cut-throat competitive world. Further, we aim at building a strong team with an unmatched work ethic who work day and night to fulfil our goal of spreading awareness regarding entrepreneurship among all college-students and help the newly born enterprises in their ventures.
We organise Workshops and Guest Lectures periodically to create awareness about entrepreneurship and hence We function as a guide for students with creative ideas and immense zeal to convert these ideas into an enterprise. Moreover, a strong alumni network is an invaluable asset which is instrumental in providing mentorship to motivated individuals for launching their start-ups.

Mamun Srizon

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Delhi Entrepreneurship Challenge

DEC is the brain-child of The Entrepreneurship Cell, NSIT. It is a competition that consists of numerous tasks focusing on developing the entrepreneurial spirit of students, which we believe is instrumental to grow as a leader. We believe that the best way to promote entrepreneurship is to establish and run a club/society/team which connects and acts as a network to the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.


Delhi Startup Launchpad '16

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eCell NSIT is one of the best things that has happened to me in college. It gave me an opportunity to interact with like-minded peers, help conduct innumerable events, manage a huge team, and learn things I would never have learnt otherwise. The eCell brought the best out of me and became a family away from home. My experience with the society is something that I'll cherish and be proud of for a long time to come.

Arpit Arora

President, eCell N.S.I.T


Its a great platform to hone your organizational, leadership and communication skills and also increase your knowledge base and network. You will get to learn a lot from your seniors, peers and workshops on basics of business and funding ventures which are great skills to prep for your future in corporate sector or startups. As a whole, this whole experience has helped me in three aspects - attitude, skills, and business knowledge.

Anurag Sinha

Vice - President, eCell N.S.I.T


eCell has been an interaction platform for me. It's like a startup we along with enthusiastic students have build to get out to a stage that we are now competing with the best nationally. It has given me the opportunity to meet, learn from amazing entrepreneurs from all ages and industries. The guidance, resources and opportunities that one can carve from this society are innumerable and immense to your overall development.

Chayan Bahl

Secretary, eCell N.S.I.T


eCell provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the opportunity to hone their business skills and provide tools to implement innovative ideas. We aim to create a team that would provide budding entrepreneurs with the support system that they demand and continue to keep up to the spirit of entrepreneurship.


Finance Head, eCell N.S.I.T