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eCell NSIT envisions a society of self-motivated individuals kernelled with constructive and intense entrepreneurial drive. Our sole aim is to have budding entrepreneurs coming through the ranks after taking on the challenges in this cut-throat competitive world. Further, we aim at building a strong team with an unmatched work ethic who work day and night to fulfil our goal of spreading awareness regarding entrepreneurship among all college-students and help the newly born enterprises in their ventures.

We organise Workshops and Guest Lectures periodically to create awareness about entrepreneurship and hence We function as a guide for students with creative ideas and immense zeal to convert these ideas into an enterprise. Moreover, a strong alumni network is an invaluable asset which is instrumental in providing mentorship to motivated individuals for launching their start-ups.

Mamun Srizon

Upcoming Events


In Insta-seed, the entrepreneurs will compete to get their ideas greenlit by investors; an event, where the aforesaid parameters will form the judgment criterion for the participants to hooch over. Each participant will be given a chance to present their breakthrough business concept to a panel of investors within 10 minutes and grab a chance to get funded.


Startup Wars The Mind Awakens

In this event, participant will be given a set of problems. The teams will, then, have to come up with a unique and compelling solution to that problem. And, the trivia doesn't ends up here as, in addition to this, participants will be provided with a broader horizon to make them think about the problem on a larger scale and, further, will have to draft a Start- up model for the same. Hence, providing them with an experience of how it feels to come up with an idea in a go & awaken the entrepreneur in them.


Bellwether The Perfect Manager

As the name suggests the competition will be based on how well a person can handle a situations. Each person will be provided with a set of real life corporate problems and they need to roll out the solutions based on his position of responsibility to rescue the company's stakes. For example You are the CEO of a golden online wallet company and due to some technical glitches the customer info has been leaked. What will be your course of action to tackle the situation as the Public Relations Manager of the company?


Global Strategy Countering Rising Conundrums

Global Strategy is an event which involves a tinge of MUN and the passion of an entrepreneur to analyse global conundrums in an entertaining way. Different countries will be assigned to the teams beforehand & a global problem will be assigned on the spot which will be common to all teams. The teams will then have to devise a startup as a counter measure to the assigned global scenario and fill the details in a given business canvas model.


Marketing Maestro

This event has been designed to test one's marketing skills to sell the allotted product. The total number of participants would be divided into groups each having equal number of participants and each group would be alloted a startup of one of NSIT's student entrpreneurs to market and promote. Also, each participant would be provided with some hypothetical amount of money for this job. Participants would have to come up with ingenious and inventive strategies to advertise and publicize their startup idea. The original founders of these startups will then evaluate these plans and select the top marketing plans from each group. The shortlisted candidates would then undergo the similar process once again and the judges will declare the ultimate winner.



This event has been designed to bring the scrutinizing and complex problem-solving aptitude of young entrepreneurs, to life. The competition will test participant's limit of persistence, perseverance and enthusiasm, eventually, boosting up the ingenuity of the participants' thoughts with extensive combative business scenarios and phenomena which the participants will have to tackle. Participants/teams will be judged on innovative solutions, rational thinking and development of a comprehensive strategy.


Delhi Entrepreneurship Challenge 2

DEC is the brain-child of The Entrepreneurship Cell, NSIT. It is a competition that consists of numerous tasks focusing on developing the entrepreneurial spirit of students, which we believe is instrumental to grow as a leader. We believe that the best way to promote entrepreneurship is to establish and run a club/society/team which connects and acts as a network to the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.


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By joining eCell NSIT, you won't start working for us, you will start working for YOURSELF. We will not mould you to become hireable, instead, we will mould you to become someone worth working for. The more you explore the Entrepreneurial ways, the better you will understand yourself and the higher you will aim in your life.

Amitosh Mittal

President, eCell N.S.I.T(Batch of 2017)


To me, Entrepreneurship Cell NSIT has been many things. However, I would like address it as the "best" teacher I ever had. The experiences, the people, and the opportunities I came across as a part of Entrepreneurship Cell has been quintessential in inculcating a sense of newness in my thought process.It has made me more humble as a person. The one best lesson I would take with me is success isn't taking a flight, it is like going on a very hard trek, where each step should be an achievement and a motivation to keep pushing forward because the view at the top is worth it.

Bhavya Bansal

Vice President, eCell N.S.I.T(Batch of 2017)


eCell NSIT is one of the best things that has happened to me in college. It gave me an opportunity to interact with like-minded peers, help conduct innumerable events, manage a huge team, and learn things I would never have learnt otherwise. The eCell brought the best out of me and became a family away from home. My experience with the society is something that I'll cherish and be proud of for a long time to come.

Arpit Arora

President, eCell N.S.I.T


Its a great platform to hone your organizational, leadership and communication skills and also increase your knowledge base and network. You will get to learn a lot from your seniors, peers and workshops on basics of business and funding ventures which are great skills to prep for your future in corporate sector or startups. As a whole, this whole experience has helped me in three aspects - attitude, skills, and business knowledge.

Anurag Sinha

Vice - President, eCell N.S.I.T


eCell has been an interaction platform for me. It's like a startup we along with enthusiastic students have build to get out to a stage that we are now competing with the best nationally. It has given me the opportunity to meet, learn from amazing entrepreneurs from all ages and industries. The guidance, resources and opportunities that one can carve from this society are innumerable and immense to your overall development.

Chayan Bahl

Secretary, eCell N.S.I.T


eCell provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the opportunity to hone their business skills and provide tools to implement innovative ideas. We aim to create a team that would provide budding entrepreneurs with the support system that they demand and continue to keep up to the spirit of entrepreneurship.


Finance Head, eCell N.S.I.T