eCell startups

Inifinite Quarks

Tanmay Singh

Infinitequarks’s vision is to create a contented marketplace for college’s merchandise. The connection of the students with their college stuff after their college life is quite special. We work to create resilient stuff to brag about, to provide a comfortable experience when you clothe yourself and to build your best memories in form of college wares with optimum quality at affordable prices.


Naman Malhotra

Ecounsellors came into existence with the novel idea to solve the dilemmas of the student community which they face year after year at various phases of their career by connecting them to those who had faced similar dilemmas earlier and conquered them( The Mentors ). It is done in the most interactive way possible i.e. through our self created audio and video conferencing platform

Atithi Pleasure

Shubham Kumar

Upcoming travel company in Delhi aiming to impart in visitors a deep understanding of our culture through well thought out tours and the great company of our sorted Student Companions. Providing culturally enriched off beat tours to tourists and students within Delhi and help them explore the city like never before.


Harshit Gupta

Womenite is an ideology to create an Equal Society through Education, Love and Empowerment. We are trying to spread the wave of feminism to create equality for everyone by creating awareness and breaking the taboos.


Binayjeet Singh

OnQourse is an Ed-Tech venture promoting the concept of Online Learning. We want to build OnQourse as an alternative to the conventional brick & mortar training model (Classroom coaching). OnQourse will be a platform bridging the gap between Quality Instructors & the Students.


Abhinav Chandra


Initiative started by like-minded people to help Anantham is a teaching student and professionals contribute their bit towards the upliftment of the society. It has been started under the able guidance of experienced and noble souls. It allows people to choose from a wide list of registered organizations having varying requirements. We understand that in today's world social responsibility is not only for self-satisfaction but even colleges and companies demand few hours stamped and certified for social service. It adds value to your profile.

Lean Track Consulting

Shubham Kumar

With the prime motive of helping out students venture out, Lean Track Consulting contrives a platform for aspirants to confer on every aspect of entrepreneurship – from idea cultivation to revenue generation. With a knowledgeable team of student consultants from top universities across the globe ( LSE, Harvard University, UC Berkeley etc.) Lean Track Consulting plans to achieve an increase in number of successful student startups under its influence.