Delhi Entrepreneurship Challenge 2

Prize: Prize Worth 50,000

Venue: Online + NSIT campus

Timings: 4th,5th january

Event Type: Team Event

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"Start-up India, Stand up India" are the wise words given to us by none other than our beloved Prime Minister. Keeping the spirit of entrepreneurship in mind, and to take it one step further by pitting the most innovative minds of Delhi and beyond, we present, Delhi Entrepreneurship Challenge (DEC). An extravaganza that spans 6 weeks and 25 tasks, and 50,000 up for grabs, DEC is the one event you just can not miss this winter. Team as well as individual participations are welcome as per the rules. Have a team? Get your thinking caps on and get ready for an amazing journey with #eCellNSIT and #DEC. For further information regarding registrations and rules and regulations, kindly visit the website:

Posted by ECell NSIT The Entrepreneurship Cell of NSIT - DU on Monday, December 7, 2015

About Event

Delhi Entrepreneurship Challenge viz. DEC is the brain-child of The Entrepreneurship Cell, NSIT. It is a competition that consists of numerous tasks focussing
on the development of entrepreneurial spirit of students, which we believe is instrumental to emerge as a leader. We believe that the best way to promote entrepreneurship is to establish and run a club/society/team which connects and acts as a network to the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

E-Cell NSIT aims to foster the wave of entrepreneurship in college campuses, so that students start early and learn a lot through these challenges. These tasks encourage the students to think about major as well as minor problems that people face everyday, and come up with brilliant solutions for the same. Through this, not only are they thinking for solutions but are also identifying and analyzing each and every problem to its very core. All these qualities that are inculcated in the students through these tasks would prove to be pivotal in their entrepreneurial journey in life.

Students are required to participate in a team of atleast 5 members. These members can be from different colleges. If there is any society in the college for promoting entrepreneurship, then they are cordially invited to participate, otherwise we readily help our fellow entrepreneurs to form such societies and make sure that entrepreneurship is promoted in all the colleges.

DEC has a total of 25 tasks that the teams would have to perform, the details of which will be provided on a predefined date.
Also, each task would have some points related to it, and proper submission would make the team eligible for those points. Moreover, certain tasks would require an on-campus round, and therefore, must be performed accordingly. Each event will contain a description with a specific submission pattern and the points associated to it. At the end, total points would be calculated according to the submissions.

Top 8 performing teams would battle it out during the finale on-campus round during The Entrepreneurship Summit 2016. For more information or clarification of doubts, ensure that the 'Rules' and the FAQs given below are read.


Rules for DEC:

1. A team for DEC(team event) must consist of at least 5 members. There is however no limit to the maximum number of teammates. The more the merrier.

2. No team leader or team member can be a part of 2 teams. To change teams, one must first get kicked out from the previous team and only then join the new one.

3. For the team event under DEC, all the correspondence will be done through the team leader, who can later pass on the information to the fellow members.

4. There will be a few compulsory tasks. In case these aren't submitted, the team will get disqualified for further tasks.

5. No plagiarism will be tolerated. If detected, immediate actions will be taken against the team.

6. Every team must follow the instructions and deadlines carefully. eCell NSIT has the final say in deciding the appropriate schedule.

7. Any team member can feel free to participate in individual events. No separate registration is required for that.


DEC 2k15 saw a participation of 95 teams from colleges all over north India. The tasks ranged from guesstimate sessions, group discussions, online quizzes to making ads for start-ups and many more out-of the box ideas were executed through the tasks.

A leader board was released periodically to update the teams about the points and the top 8 teams were invited for the final round that happened during e-Summit'16.

The team from E-Cell, National Institute of Technology, Delhi bagged the winning prize after delivering an elaborate and well-explained presentation in front of an esteemed panel of judges.
The teams were awarded a prize of 50k and certificates of merit.

The formulation of tasks of DEC'2k16 have opened new avenues of experimentation for E-Cell NSIT and thus, loads of surprises are in the trunk for you.
Get ready for a bumpy ride as a smooth rollercoaster ride can never be fun.

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