Global Strategy Countering Rising Conundrums

Venue: NSIT, New Delhi


Event Type: Individual Event

About Event

To coax the participant to think like an entrepreneur in relation to current global scenarios.

A tinge of MUN and a slice of politics; combined with the wondrous concepts of entrepreneurship make this event more exciting to be a part of.
Why you should participate?
- The perfect blend of logical analysis, entrepreneurial perspective and a pinch of MUN skill.
- Evaluation and solution to world affairs
- A unique competition the likes of which have never been seen before.

Registered teams will go through a Prelims questions round and some teams will be selected based on the answers and then each team will be provided with a country.
On campus they will be given a problem statement based on a global crisis and they to devise a startup to counter that problem specific to their country.


Clearing the Prelims Round is mandatory for further participation.


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