Marketing Maestro

Venue: NSIT, New Delhi


Event Type: Team Event

About Event

To test and see who can make the most inane look lke the most coveted prize. In other words, a person who can market like a maestro.

Why you shoud participate?
As the name suggests, 'Marketing Maestro' is an event designed to examine the advertising, promotion and innovative skills of the vivacious entrepreneurs-to-be. Here, at our dais, we'll present a race against excellence and time to judge your expertise and creativity in this field :

Why you should attend?
-To test your marketing skills.
-To come up with groundbreaking innovations with your out-of-the-box techniques to sell your products.

The total number of participants will be divided into groups (each having equal number of participants) and each group would be alloted a startup of one of NSIT's student entrepreneurs to market and promote. Also, each participant would be provided with some hypothetical amount of money for this job. You have to apply your skills and make the best use of the given money to come up with ingenious and inventive strategies to advertise and publicize their startup idea. The original founders of these startups will then evaluate these plans and select the top marketing plans from each group. The shortlisted candidates will, then, undergo the similar process once again and the judges will declare the ultimate winner."


1.The event is open to all undergraduate students.
2. Register in teams of two.
3. Multiple registrations by a candidate is strictly prohibited. The candidate will be disqualified if such a practice is observed.
4. The team/individual is required to register with a valid Email ID to be used for further communication.
5. There will be a prelim round followed by an offline on-campus round.
6. The details of the first round will be provided to Candidates on their registered Email id 3 days prior to the airing of the form.
7. The call of the panel of judges will be final and beyond the scope of any debate and discussion.
8. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will straightaway lead to disqualification.
9. No submission will be accepted beyond the deadline, viz 18th January, 2017.


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