Startup Wars The Mind Awakens

Venue: NSIT, New Delhi


Event Type: Team Event

About Event

This event aims to provide its participants with an experience of how it feels to come up with an idea in a go and think like an entrepreneur.

Why you should participate?
- Innovative thinking is what will get you victory here.
- Thinking on your feet is what differentiates the extraordinary from the ordinary.
- It will involve exciting brainstorming sessions.
- No technical skills required.

StartUp Wars: The Mind Awakens, one of the plethora of events under the E-Summit, promises to give you the best exposure to this entrepreneurial extravaganza. The only path to victory, here, is with excessive brainstorming and letting the bees out of your bonnet.

Each team will be provided with a set of problems on which they'll be required to build a startup. Building a solution to the basic day-to-day issues a person faces in his life is the crux of this event. This StartUp War doesn't require any pre-requisites, one just needs to know the trick of the trade, think on his feet and sail through it.



1) A team of max. 2 people, though lone wolves are welcome. 2) This would be a direct onsite competition with no online rounds. 3) Cross college teams are allowed. 4) The decision of organizers would be final and they have the right to disqualify any team not following the code of conduct


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