Prize: Prizes worth 15 K

Venue: NSIT, New Delhi


Event Type: Individual Event

About Event

'Unravel: The Case Study':: a competition that is designed to bring to life, the scrutinizing and complex problem-solving aptitude of young entrepreneurs.

Why you should participate?
The competition tests you to your limits of persistence, perseverance and enthusiasm. It boosts up the ingenuity of your thoughts with extensive combative business scenarios and phenomena, not to mention the brilliant solutions you guys finally find for them.
Participants/teams will be judged on innovative solutions, rational thinking and development of a comprehensive strategy.

Why you should attend?
- Do you have it in yourself to face the real-world business problems?
- Will you sail through complicated corporate environments?
- Are you ready to become the ultimate problem-solver?

This competition has 2 brainstorming rounds:

Round 1 :-Online Prelims- This is the qualifying round, the case will be e-mailed and the solutions and inferences have to be submitted at : casestudyecell@gmail.com. Last date of registration is 22nd January, 2017.

Round 2 :- Examined teams would be called for the On-Campus Round, the finals. A new case would be given, and teams have to solve it at the venue to emerge as the ultimate intellectuals.

Application Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc3Ees9hkGg-a2_Q2WcBjGDT3hGHmvSbwfTx2m_z27adZCLBA/viewform"


1"Cross college teams are allowed".
2.The 'Online Round Case' would be mailed on 20th January to the team leaders, the solution to which has to be mailed to casestudyecell@gmail.com, before 27th January, 11:59 pm.
3.The subject of the solution mail must be in the following format "TeamName_LeadersName".
4.The Solution should be submitted in pdf format only, and kindly use Arial font, size-12 only.
5.The teams can use any medium to collect information, and can make any estimates and assumptions. However, assumption(s) made to be clearly specified."


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