The eCell NSIT is an official and registered society that aims to promote entrepreneurship through talks, events and hands-on experience in NSIT as well as beyond it.
eCell is an open society and any enthusiast is free to attend its meets and learn from its sessions.
eCell has always managed to stand out from the rest of its peers not only by conducting multiple events, but by giving them an innovative edge to kill the usual monotonicity. All our events have been made successful by the passionate crowd that always turns up to experience the twists and turns we add to otherwise dull events.
eCell NSIT comes up with a lot of good stuff that should reach beyond the horizons of not only NSIT, but also Delhi. It has manages to generate a wide popularity within a very short duration of time. Thus, a website is deemed to be of utmost importance.
The sole aim of eCell NSIT is to motivate people to own their own start-ups and follow their passion. Having said this, it goes without saying that anyone, whether alumnus or current student, is free to contact the team for such thing.
Simply go to event page and click register, login via Facebook or google. Now you will get two options:
a) Register as a team leader
b) Register under a team.
Choose the appropriate option. Suppose you chose to register as a team leader, then you have to provide the team name and you will receive a team code, Share the same with your team-mates and ask them to register under a team, they will be asked to enter team code, and confirm team leader, notifications will be sent via email.
You can kick any member out before registrations ends, cool eh? You can also make an exit if you want out of the team, second in the line will be new team leader.
Second member in the line will be new team leader.
No, you have to ask your team leader to kick you out. Now, you can make a new registration as member of other team or as a team leader.